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Uniforms will be distributed by team as follows:

Cross Country: Each participant will receive one running jersey and will be included in the yearly registration fee. This jersey will be for your child to keep.

Soccer: The Soccer Uniform Coordinator will provide uniforms (jerseys only) and a roster with assigned jersey numbers to each Team Parent. Team parents will distribute jerseys to each player on the team. Each player is assigned a specific jersey number which is reported to CYO Central so it is important that jerseys are distributed to each player as assigned.

Basketball/Volleyball: The CYO Uniform Coordinator will provide one uniform for each team member. Jersey assignments will be provide in advance as they are reported to CYO Central for official roster purposes. If jerseys need to be swapped or traded due to sizing, please have the Team Parent report this information to the Uniform Coordinator. At the end of the season,  each team is required to turn in a complete set of uniforms.

Players may contact the Uniform Coordinator if a different size is needed.

Because the uniform coordinator is handling up to 250 uniforms, each Team Parent (or coach) needs to carefully track returns, return all uniforms by the due date, and identify any player who, after due effort, has not returned the jersey in good condition. It is easiest to track returns by requiring players to bring alternative clothes to their last game and give back uniforms immediately afterwards.

Players cannot register for another CYO sport until they have returned their assigned uniform in good condition or paid a fine for the replacement cost.

Uniforms are a major expense and we need all of your help to maintain our investment.

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